Saturday, November 29, 2008

Disassembling the Transmission

Ok, here's the part I think most people would be interested in. We'll start with the easy stuff 1st.

Make sure you've got cloth/newspaper/cardboard lined on the work area, as this is about to get really messy with the old lube.

Remove the axle tube, either by using a puller or by wacking the end of it out. You want to save the paper shims that go between the sidecover and axle tube plate, at least measure the thickness and write it down somewhere, these determine the amount of play the tube will have, we only found out about this later during assembly.

Take off the plastic flower thing that sits between the side cover and axle tube if you have it, I think some years they aren't present.

Undo the nuts that hold the shift hosing/nosecone on. Check the hockey stick, make sure it isn't cracked/broken. Check the seal at the end to make sure it isn't leaky.

Next we need to removed the side covers, do the side where the starter mounts on 1st (number 9). Using a drift pin or blunt chisel, slowly tap against tabs on the circumference to break the side cover loose (make sure you've got all the nuts and washers out 1st, I used a pan with a magnetic base to hold everthing). Try not to damage anything, the key is to tap slowly against the tabs.
Afterwhich you can use a mallet and drive the differential (still with axles attacked, you can detach them by removed the circlips that hold them in) out together with the side cover on the other side, place the diff assembly and sidecovers somewhere safe. There was nothing wrong with our diff, so we didn't tear it down any further.

Now removed the nuts holding the intermediate housing (number 5, sorry I don't have a picture, hands were really greasy)

We then move to the area left when the diff was removed. Undo the spring clip holding the coupler in, remove the coupler and unscrew the inputshaft, make sure you don't loose the little stud.

Now the pinion bolts or the large nut has to be removed, the bolts are pretty easy, if you have the large nut, you can get the $$$ nut removal tool, or like me use a blunt chisel and tap it loose, then slowly with gloved hands remove it.

Here is where we got stuck, with everything removed we still couldn't pull the gear assembly out of the case, after a little poking, turns out the pinion has to be pushed out, you can do 3 things here. 1. Get the leverage tool, Longenterprises has it I believe. 2. Smack it out with a mallet. 3. Use a screw type jack, with a little piece of wood against the case and pinion, and slowly 'jack' the pinion, which will push the gear assy out and away from the case. There, you now have everything out. (Mostly)

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