Sunday, November 30, 2008

Finally a jig

To try and save on shipping weight, the sender (Turborail) had the transmission cut up(just like the above diagram, if you want to try this), instead of sending me the entire case. Also got him to send us a shiny new adjustable type timing gun, this will let us time 0-60BTDC, with just the TDC mark. You just set whatever advance you want. Pull the trigger and see if it lines up with TDC. He also sent us some jets, I'm trying to re-jet the H30/31 better, bloody impossible to find jets here locally, or I haven't tried hard enough.

We made a handle thing to crank the gears over, don't have welding equipment, so we tapped a hole through and secured it to a bent stud, had some fun trying to drill the hard shaft... made a little handle with a piece of aluminium tubing. The coupling gear was jammed in place with a piece of paper, quite a firm friction fit, if the need arises, I can still reuse this coupler.

We also clearanced some of the splines along what was a transmission case, this would enable us to clamp the jig in a vice during use. I later attached 2 small pieces of foam so clamping wouldn't mar the case... Another picture below.

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