Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pop-out, again...

After a few days working properly, the transmission decided to pop-out again. Was looking through some tranmission diagrams when it hit me, I had the spring washer that fits on the mainshaft bearing installed wrong. It's supposed to exert pressure against the snap ring and mainshaft bearing, n00b me (again).

Tore the transmission down again, getting really good at it too, can now get the engine out in about 1.5Hrs (sure, world record is less den 40 secs, but we've got A/C and everything in this sedan). Not fun, the other guys by now are pretty sick of taking the thing apart every few days already... can't blame them.

The pinion nut had somehow walked itself out, I guess I didn't tighten it enough, and never staked it in. After swapping and fitting the snap ring right, the pinion nut was fully staked in place.

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