Monday, November 30, 2009

For the reader

Posting all of these on a blog thing means the newer stuff appears on top, and the older stuff below. If you're new here you should start reading from the last post upwards.

I actually started putting it all up after it was done, so disregard all the post dates, although they are all in order. I believe the 1st post should be about 6 months ago, didn't seem like a long time ago now.

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I hope this helps someone, it has certainly been fun for me (and I can now claim I can pull the engine in 45mins and transmission within the next hour).


Turborail said...

Awesome job Li. Pretty cool to get the entire story. There is a ton of helpful information in your blog. I hope that it helps the next guy, as there will always be someone in need of assistance when tackle'n one of Mr. Ferdinand Porsche's masterpieces.

JvW said...


i recently became very adventerous with a fellow bugger and decided to swap engines because 1 engine was heading to the grave.

Being not tech savvy bout the bug it looked simple after a few websites. We did it and now the clutch doesnt work.

Any Advice?

- JvW -

Gang said...

Did you guys pull the clutch as well?

Is your transmisssion / pressure plate propeerly matched? Earlier VWs used a throwout bearing that required a little flange around the center to work. Later on the flange became part of the throwout bearing.

Check out.

Other things you need to look out for are probably simple things like, have you hooked the cable?
Did you install the clutch disc the wrong way in? Is the freeplay adjusted?

What's wrong with the clutch now? No pedal feel? Or the engine won't disengage even with the pedal depressed?