Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mwhahaha Look at this

Alright! Look at what I got, and am messing with the past couple of days.

o.O It's the throttle body from the German L-jetronic setup. Here's the rest of the parts porn.

The ECU (more specifically this is the housing).

Manifold and injectors mounted, I have to test these out the car somehow, figure it out later.

Throttle cable linkage, there's a ball joint thingy on the throttle body that links to the right end.

AFM, I've taken this apart, haven't touched anything yet, as you can see it's missing the idle screw plug, so someone must've messed with it in the past. AFM porn to come later.

The thermo-time switch, I think mine's wonky, it won't close when I heat the sensor end. Doesn't really matter to me, I'm planning to leave the cold start valve out, Singapore doesn't go below 20deg anyways, I'm thinking the enrichment from a cold head temp sensor is enough, I might be wrong.

The build quality on the ECU is absolutely insane, quality WIMA capacitors all over. The solder used has a high silver content, it still looks shiny after all these years. Everybit that can vibrate, has a little damper underneath it. Transistors have little leg isolators under them, the heatsinked, I'm guessing mil-spec opamps, components have gold leads on them. Pretty insane.

For some weird reason my ECU doesn't seem to have pin 20 (signal coming in from the double relay) connected internally, the pin is completely missing in the ECU connector (male) as well.

Here's a shot of the track side, I guess when your ignition pulses coming in (pin 1), are at above 900RPms, that's as good as the engine is running...

Eagle eyed viewers will probably notice the 'harnness' sticking out, I haven't got a suitable donor harness to cut up/use, so I'm making my own, should be interesting, more on that later.

I'm having issues figuring out where everything mounts, (now I realise I don't have pictures of my Aux air valve) I'm guessing the AAV mounts onto the thermo time switch's bracket, which is bolted to the engine near the pulley somehow.

If anyone has good clear pictures, also around the alternator mount position, I don't think the stock clamp will work here, the stand has 2 studs on either end, and no 'lip' for the 'normal' strap, please contact me, leave a comment or email (email address can be found on the left, under 'About Me').

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