Sunday, March 1, 2009

3.875 R&P?

Been awhile since I've updated, busy with personal stuff. (Has to do with an 'arcade cab' I found at a dumpster, took me awhile to fix the broken monitor and sound.)

I managed to find a source of transaxles here locally. This is after a 300ishKM drive up to USJ in Malaysia to get one though.

Ah well, now I have 3 to work with. Including a AT code IRS that has a 3.875 R&P. Planning to transfer that over, and make a 3.88 swingaxle. Still undecided on what 4th gear ratio it'll be at, I'd think .89 would be too low, would need to rev the crap outta 3 before shifting into 4.

Now if it was a 5 speed....

BTW you sand rail guys really should check out this blog

Turborail (Scott Smith), is tearing up his thing to build a new front and rear end. He's the guy who sent me some stuff the last time round. $$$ transmission he's got built... *drooooools*

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