Saturday, November 29, 2008

What is causing all that stumbling

To try and fix the stumbling problem. We 1st tried to re-tune/adjust the carburetor. The carb on the vehicle was an aftermarket H30/31 and the distributor was a German made Bosch centrifugal advance 009 (Yeah not the best distributor, I know).

Tweaking the idle speed with the bypass screw (the large brass screw) was impossible, this tells us we had some kinda crazy vacuum/intake leak. After a little digging, it was found that the carb base wasn't tightened tight, and the gaskets had all disintergrated. Made a couple of gaskets using some gasket paper, and retightened the carb and it's adapter (adapter is needed to fit the H30/31 on the dual port manifold). Seemed to help it a little, now the idle could be adjusted, but even with the screw in all the way, she was idling high (1k RPMs). Not too bothered with it at that time, we decided to leave it as is for the moment, and went for a test drive.

Driving it out, it seemed fine for a couple of mins, then the stumbling began all over again. The vehicle would loose power, and even with the throttle floored, never pick up speed, and eventually stall.

Stalled around the bend in front of a police station LOL (For Singaporean readers this was I believe Tanglin Police Divisional Headquarters), a cop came out and asked if we needed help, told him we didn't yet, continued pushing the car back. Stopped at a bus-stop nearby, for a little break. We tried starting her, still wouldn't start, pumped the throttle a couple of times, and she started. Goosed the car slowly back, not a fun experience, had woobly legs after.

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