Saturday, November 29, 2008

Stumbling X2

Ok, now we tried a full tune up, checked valve lash when cold, and re-adjusted as necessary, had to get new valve cover gaskets, old ones were disintegrating inside, PO had sealant all over to try and stop the leak, not fun trying to remove all of that, not cool also if the sealant came out and plugged up an oil passage inside the engine.

Next we static timed the distributor at 7.5 (eyeballed this, we have a degree pulley installed by the PO), didn't have a timing light, so best we could do at that moment (previously we just marked the base of the distributor and always re-installed it so the markings lined up, no idea what it was timed at).

Also got a rebuild kit, and cleaned out the entire carb and changed the diaphragms and O-ring seals around the mixture and bypass screws, new inlet valve as well.

New fuel hoses were also installed. Everything from under the fuel tank to the rear was now new.

We then also tested the mechanical fuel pump, no fuel pressure gauge that time, so we just stuck the outlet into a clear bottle and cranked the engine over to see if there was flow. The 1st time we did this, a little stream came out. Went off for a smoke / water break before assembling everything back.

When everyone was back, we decided to try the pump again, the 2nd time, no matter how hard we cranked it over, no fuel came out. COCK, bloody thing was intermittent. A quick check was done with the parts store, no fuel pump. So we decided to get an electric pump. We manage to source a pump locally, it was a solenoid type that made a tic-tic-tic sound everytime it operated, hooked it all up and the car performed ok for the 1st time in many days.

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